The Magnolia School is renting classroom space within St. John’s Episcopal Church, a wonderfully supportive partner for our school community. The church’s location is at 3664 Arsenal Street in the Tower Grove South neighborhood – right across the street from historical Tower Grove Park

Thank you for your interest in Magnolia School. 
However, due to financial pressures the school will be closing permanently at the end of May 2018. 
Our gratitude goes out to those who encouraged, supported and sustained us on this journey.

As you make plans for your child’s education, may you find inspiration and encouragement on these pages: to search for beauty, to find value in simplicity, and to embrace nature’s wonderful gifts

For general information, feel free to email us at

The building is in a quiet residential neighborhood in south-central St. Louis city, near the intersection of Arsenal and Grand Avenue.

Here is a map of our location. 

Click here for a larger map.