Food is a very important part of our program. We plan our menus with care, to nourish the children both body and soul. Simple, healthy, delicious, close-to-nature food is what’s best for young children. And that’s what we serve, every day, at morning snack and also at lunch.

Food means community. Together, the children chop the vegetables - knead the dough - stir the batter - season the soup - set the table - fold the napkins - pour the water - serve one another. We eat family-style, passing the dishes and waiting our turn until all have been served. Snacktime and lunchtime is a time to savor.

Each day, the children help to cook and serve a nutritious whole-food lunch featuring natural or organic ingredients. We source our food from local producers, and strive to avoid as many additives or chemicals as possible.

Sample menu items include:

Pesto pasta     Roasted sweet potatoes     Berry muffins     Sliced apples with cheese     Brown rice with tamari     Nuts and dried fruit     Snap Beans with dip     Porridge with maple syrup     Muffins     Vegetable or chicken soup     Cheese flatbreads     Sauteed greens     Yogurt with berries and honey  

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