Our School

Our unique nature-based program is located in the heart of the city, near Tower Grove Park. At the Magnolia School, we combine an outdoor “forest kindergarten” early childhood program with the nurturing, home-like environment of a Waldorf preschool. 

Thank you for your interest in Magnolia School. 
However, due to financial pressures the school will be closing permanently at the end of May 2018. 
Our gratitude goes out to those who encouraged, supported and sustained us on this journey.

As you make plans for your child’s education, may you find inspiration and encouragement on these pages: to search for beauty, to find value in simplicity, and to embrace nature’s wonderful gifts

Why a program like Magnolia School?

Current research in early education clearly shows the benefits of open-ended play and extended time spent outdoors. In these programs, children gain independence, build self-reliance and self-control, and develop sensory integration and kinesthetic awareness. Our on-site greenspace and proximity to Tower Grove Park allow for long stretches of free play and opportunities for outdoor learning. At the same time, the artistic and academic aspects of our program prepare children to successfully enter elementary school. 

What makes our school different?

Preserving the natural unfolding of childhood - Nurturing children’s love of beauty - Slow Food – Respecting the child’s impulse for play and discovery - No screens, media, electronic toys – Outdoor curriculum instills a love for nature and builds self-reliance - Songs and poetry and circle games that delight the heart - Wholesome, natural meals prepared & served every day - Focus on consistent daily rhythms provide structure for inner growth and development - Beautiful natural toys made of wood, wool and colorful silk - Ample time spent outdoors in all kinds of weather - Seasonal celebrations (Harvest, winter, planting) embed the children in the rhythm of the year - Climbing on logs, stomping in puddles, making fairy houses out of leaves and bark and acorns

Watercolor Painting

Our values

The Magnolia School is a Missouri non-profit. We are an independent school that values diversity, inclusiveness and open participation. The Magnolia School does not discriminate against children or their families on the basis of race, color, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, religion, national or ethnic origin.