School Events and Festival Calendar

The Magnolia School strives to create a school community for children, parents, grandparents, extended families, and others. Part of that community expression is found through the seasonal events that we celebrate throughout the year. These events – each of them significant for the children in different ways – mark the turning of the seasons, the cycles of harvest and planting, and the rhythms of the year.

Parents and families, siblings and grandparents and special friends – all are welcome to participate in these school events and celebrations.

August     Meet & Greet Open House

September     Michaelmas – A Festival of Courage

October     Harvest Festival with Local Foods

November     Lantern Walk at Dusk in Tower Grove Park

December     Winter Spiral – A Celebration of Light and Music

January     Grandparents and Special Friends Soup Lunch

February     Candlemas – Dipping Beeswax Candles


April     Fundraising Event TBD

May     MayFair – Live Music, Maypole Dancing, Flower Crowns